Monday, November 1, 2010

Ruth Wildes Schuler’s novel, THE TURBULENT TIDE: A Historical Novel Of The Russian Revolution is now available.
ISBN13 Hardcover 978-1-4535-8763-8 $29.99
ISBN13 Softcover; 978-1-4535-8762-1 $19.99
ISBN13 eBook: 978-1-4535-8764-5 $9.99

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The Turbulent Tide is the story of Katrina Kazakinova, an eight-year-old orphan whose parents are killed in the revolution of 1905. She is sent to live with her Uncle, Ivan Kozakov, the Count of Usadiba Na Holme and his family, whom she has never met. Finding she is unwanted by her aunt, she flees in the woods where she meets a peasant boy, Peter Sovinsky, who befriends her. However, upon learning that she is an aristocrat, he explains that they will not be allowed to be friends, but a bond has been formed.
Three men fall in love with Katrina and they all have an impact on her life. All the characters are swept up in the terror of the First World War, the Great Revolution and the famine of the 1920’s that follow. The horror of the events affects all the characters in the book, including the evil Rasputin and Czar Nicholas and his family. Their deaths and disposal of their remains are all portrayed. The war, and then both sides of the revolution are documented. Those that Katrina loves are on opposite sides and she is torn between those she cares for.
The elegant lifestyle of the aristocratic Kozakov family with their elaborate ball and picnics are contrasted with the humble hard working existence of the peasant Sovinsky family. All of the characters’ suffer upheaval with some losing their lives. Katrina is driven to travel the breath of the vast Soviet Union and is cast into the dungeon of the dreaded Cheka. She constantly fights to survive the wrath of the turbulent tide sweeping over Russia that leaves nothing the same.

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